Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sunday morning we packed up at Bryce - checked out a few last views of the park and headed to church at the Panguitch Lakes Branch.  We met up with Normon and his family once again and had a great time getting to know more of the McKee's.  After church and lunch at the McKee's, we drove down to Zion's.  Before finding a place to camp for the night, we did the Canyon Overlook hike.  The views were incredible and we were all entertained by the laws of physics.  If you throw something (relatively light) off at the top, the drafts blow right back up and on to the rock.  We tried leaves and branches first.  We saw someone pour water over the ledge - which was really cool.  And finally Richard gave it a real test by tossing his baseball cap over the edge - yes, it made it back to him.

A balancing rock - gravity won

Zion's Canyon Overlook

Hiking the Emerald Pools Trail

Massive Rock Walls at the Emerald Pools

Jared - giving life counsel to Axel and Evelyn

After going on a couple hikes with the Lee's, we had lunch and then they headed back to Idaho.  Jared and I decided to start on our way to California that night as well.  We were debating about where to stop for the night and after hitting some Memorial Day traffic, Barstow looked like a good option.  Who doesn't look forward to a classy joint like this?  But any place with hot showers and lots of water sounded like a good idea.

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  1. The only redeeming thing about Barstow is their outlet mall. But it looks like you found another great reason to stop! Keep posting. I love hearing what you are up to. Safe travels!