Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oregon Coast

After our night next to the semi, we continued our drive into Oregon and over the "mountain passes".  It was really strange to be climbing and reach the summit of these passes at 2000 ft. Maybe I could handle trail running at these elevations (but let's be honest, uphill isn't my favorite at any elevation).

We took a break once we reached the coast to skip rocks
and enjoy the view

excited to be at the beautiful coast in Bandon

a happy crab fisher we met on the dock

There was a cute little boy fishing for crab (or do you call it crabbing or trapping or something?) with his family as we walked along the dock.  I heard him asking his mom, "Can I ask her now?", as we were walking by.  She reluctantly told him okay and then he immediately approached Jared & I, asking if we wanted to see his crab.  It was really cute to see how excited he was about his catch and how proud he felt in sharing it with strangers.

taking the slow tour of Bandon

We stopped for the night at the Tugman Campground of Eel Lake. It was nice to stop and even nicer when we found out we had picked a free day to stay at the campground.  I thought the camp host was joking when Jared pulled up and asked how much it was for the night.  The best part is when we pulled into our spot, the people next to us were setting up their campsite, tents, etc.  We pulled in, changed clothes, went for a beautiful run along the lake trail, came back and made dinner, ate dinner and cleaned up.  All the while our neighbors were still setting up camp.  One reason I love the RV for camping.  The next morning we unplugged and were on our way to church in Reedsport.

At the campsite following our run
After church we continued up the coast and decided we'd drive to Tillamook for the night before heading to Portland the next morning.

Oregon has amazing sand dunes along the coast -
we were a little envious of all the ATV's
Before reaching Tillamook, we stopped at Cape Lookout to go on a little hike before dinner.  The views were really amazing.

looking down from the trail
awesome break in the gray from the setting sun
obviously a tripod would have
been useful here
We stayed in Tillamook that night - Jared was hoping we could park in the lot of the factory before our tour the next morning, but those hopes were dashed when we saw signs stating no overnight parking.  Apparently he wasn't the first with that idea.  So we just parked down the road and were among the first in the factory the next morning for the self-guided tour.  It was a little disappointing - apparently the Jelly Belly Factory gave me high expectations.  We enjoyed the cheese sample bar and then surprised to find all of the products they sold in their factory store were more expensive than the grocery store.  We're not really sure how that works... we were at the factory... no middle man... just a tourist trap, I guess.

We made the short drive to Portland after the cheese factory.  Once we reached the city, I walked around and did a little shopping, etc. while Jared worked in the RV.  There were some great finds at Buffalo Exchange and I heard a lady on the street talking on her phone about just seeing the guy from Portlandia.... so apparently I had just missed Fred Armisen.  I've never seen Portlandia, but I'm assuming they do film it in Portland. Or maybe he was just doing a little research.  Either way, he's hilarious on SNL.  I think his impersonations of Pres. Obama, Governor David Paterson and Joy Behar from The View are among my favorites. 

Apparently the only photos I took in Portland were at the International Rose Test Garden.... where sadly, the roses just barely started to bloom.  Yet again, we have an unusually cool spring to thank for that. (I was thinking of you, Amber. I knew you'd be disappointed if I didn't at least check it out.)

That evening we drove over to Vancouver to see Jared's good friend, Jay.  We visited with Jay & Liz and their adorable girls and then went to dinner with another mission buddy & his family.  We had Indian food and enjoyed the stories of Jared, Jay & Adam from their days in India.  Once again, I neglected taking any pictures. :(


  1. i love that picture of you guys sitting on the beach. really beautiful! i miss you guys! sounds like you're having a great time!

  2. Great photos! We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for letting us tag along!