Sunday, June 12, 2011

on the road....

We took a day to get the refrigerator fixed in Sacramento... sure Ardel Brown had the RV for two weeks before the trip, but I guess two weeks just didn't cut it for them.  If they would've just taken one more day, maybe they would've fixed it correctly.  (as the sarcasm might suggest, I've been less than impressed with the dealership where we bought the RV)  
Luckily the Camper World in Sacramento knew how to do the job right in one day.
And even luckier for us, Beka & Bill let us crash last minute.  Even amidst packing for a trip out of town the next day and Tama being sick, they still welcomed us. (what are bff's/family for, right?)

Tama loved Jared instantly -
 as all children do

Isn't this kid the cutest?
So after getting the refrigerator fixed, we continued north.  Around dinner time I started craving pie (we'd already missed two great pie places in Utah and we both were ready for some yummy dessert)  Jared did a little googling and soon we found a cafe down the road to get our fix.  We stopped in Weed, CA (and yes, the 'I love Weed" t-shirts were tempting - it's just funny) to check out the Hi-Lo Motel, RV Park & Cafe. 

Classy, no?
 We stopped in to pick up a pie... having so many choices, Jared had the great idea of making our own pie with one of each slice.  We got a dutch apple, banana cream, mixed berry, coconut cream, chocolate cream and strawberry.  Jared loved the strawberry and I loved the coconut cream - but we both agreed that the banana cream was the absolute best.
Our pie medley
After limiting ourselves to one piece, we continued to drive a little further until we were both too tired.  So we pulled over and parked with some big rigs.  It was the worst night's sleep we've both had.  I'm pretty sure the semi next to us had a refrigerated trailer, so the generator was running all the night.


  1. What a fun way to spend your first married summer! Sorry to hear that you are a bit sickly and that it's still cold in June, but still...great memories in the making. Keep taking lots of pics and blogging so we can enjoy your trip right along side you. Are you coming to AZ at all in your journey or sticking to cooler country?

  2. i am sooo glad you guys came and stayed with us! tama really loved having both of you there! i'm sorry you didn't have such a great night of sleep next to the semi. boo! can't wait to hear of your other adventures!