Monday, July 25, 2011

Olympic National Forest

Maybe you thought I forgot to post about the rest of our trip... or maybe you thought we got stuck somewhere.  Nope, I've just been distracted since we've been back... more posts to follow.

We drove through Amanda Park on our way to Kalaloch... so naturally, we took a picture.

Enjoying the beach at Kalaloch

It was cold, but luckily the sun was out

Me & El Tigre

On our nature walk in front of a tumor-filled tree
Termites, maybe?

We ate lunch by the river -
and Jane always wanted to be carried by Jared :)

At the tide pools
One of the rangers at Kalaloch (we still don't know how to correctly pronounce it) suggested we check out the tide pools on Saturday morning.  So we headed down on a rainy Saturday morning and were not disappointed with what we saw.  We were at first excited to see a starfish or anemone in a little pond - but as we walked further out it was so fun to see them covering rocks.  We got there at just the right time (thanks to the ranger's tide chart) and were able to see a lot of sea life that is usually hidden in the ocean.

feel free to add your own oozing sound effects

For all of the Twilight lovers out there
We left Kalaloch after seeing the tide pools and drove north to Sol Duc - the hot springs were tempting after the cold, wet weather.  We drove through Forks - which apparently is in the Twilight books (haven't read them).  It seems that they've been able to generate some tourism from the books (there were multiple stores and tours based solely on these books - crazy).

Hiking to Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls
this photo doesn't do it justice

Next up... Canada.... but I left the rest of the pictures at home, so there will be another delay before the next post.


  1. really! you haven't read the books? i'm so surprised! they're a fun getaway from everyday life! you should read them!

  2. I agree with BBC- a fun, mindless read. Those tide pools are cool! I think Bernie went there a few summers ago... but it seemed warmer :)